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Are you concerned about buying a property during the rainy season? Do not worry. Are you...

October 07 2017

Are you concerned about buying a property during the rainy season?

Well, it’s monsoon now! It’s the season when most of us would stay indoors and enjoy watching rains by sipping a cup of coffee/tea through the windows or doors. It is very normal that our tasks would get slow down or we’d take a break from our hectic work schedule and relax ourselves during this periodic seasonal change. Surprisingly, there are some other things that could give you a good deal if you accomplish it during this rainy season. Buying a house in that sense would be a wise decision if you carry out this monsoon.

Many of you would probably think that the monsoon isn’t the apt time to buy a residential property because of the problems like flooded roads with potholes and mud puddles, huge traffic and many other similar challenges. However, if you are a savvy homebuyer, then this time could be more beneficial to you if you utilize it judiciously regardless of the risks involved. Here are some of the benefits you’ll fetch if you decide to buy a house this monsoon season.

Identify the right home at the right destination

Everything seems to be perfect and absolute in the usual time and scenario. The real face of a thing is revealed only when it is affected. In the same way, a locality might seem to be in the perfect condition with good infrastructure and connectivity at regular times. Only when it rains, you’ll know the real problems in it. Waterlogging, traffic jams and commuting are the common problems you face during the rainy season. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for the homebuyers to better know the real condition of the locality at these times.

An ideal time to determine the real value of a house

The quality of construction can be best evaluated during rainy seasons as there will be many problems lying unexposed in the house at regular times. Potential homebuyers can inspect for any seepage, water logging, dampness, drainage and other issues in the house during this time. You can also assess the life expectancy of the building during unexpected natural calamity occurs, for instance, heavy rains, flooding, storms, etc. During this time period, the real worth of a house can also be adjudged for resale after years. Therefore, people who look for resale properties would be benefitted the most.

Negotiate for the best deals

If suppose you like a specific property in a particular location, but that has a water logging or sewage problem, you could use this chance to negotiate for better deals with the developers. Also, most of the homebuyers in India consider monsoon is inauspicious to buy a new property/house. If you are shrewd enough to take the risk, you can certainly make good deals out of it. Ask for a better discount and offer from the developers.

Get the benefit of monsoon discounts

When the investors and developers are rushing to sell their unclaimed property during monsoons, you can use it to your benefit. This is the time they offer a special discount, called ‘the monsoon discount’, to boost the sales up. Use this golden opportunity to buy a home at a much cheaper rate. Depending on the location and property, the rates of the discount may vary. Look for the best in it and put to use.

Apart from the developers and investors, banks and other financial institutions also provide a special discount for the homebuyers in this season. Though no formal offers have been given by the banks, they will tend to negotiate and offer on the charges and the interest rate of home loans, hence it is wise to make use of this.

Last words

Summarizing this, experts are of the opinion that monsoon would obviously be the best season for homebuyers to buy a residential property if they figure out the advantages and resort to it. When you have the competence to adjust the potholes and mud puddles a little bit, you can gain a higher welfare. Think wisely and choose the best.